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Tytulatura, stopka redakcyjna, spis treści PDF


Landscape dimensions – some theoretical remarks PDF
Maciej Pietrzak
Landscape metrics as a reflection of landscape dynamics: mathematical models PDF
Alexey Victorov
Landscape systems: spatial structure and speed of changes PDF
Tadeusz Chmielewski
Measurement and modelling of aesthetic landscape values PDF
Dietwald Gruehn
Four dimensions of landscape in mountainous areas PDF
Jarosław Balon
Soil sealing in German cities Forty years investigation PDF
Jürgen Breuste
Further GIS solution for the better definition of geographical/landscape boundaries PDF
Gábor Mezősi, Teodóra Bata
Methodological approaches and results of complex and applied subdivision the territory of Belarus PDF
Galina Martsinkevich
Main directions of landscape changes in Poland in the years 1995-2009 PDF
Jerzy Solon
Landscape and GIS – Development of the Hungarian Agri-Environment Monitoring and Information System PDF
Róbert Géczi, Katalin Bódis, László Podmaniczky, József Szabó, Júlia Magyari, András Horváth
The sozological profiles of Polish communes (2000 – 2009) – methods and applications PDF
Mariusz Kistowski
Dynamics of landscape’s energetic characteristics based on remote sensing data PDF
Robert Sandlerskiy, Yuriy Puzachenko
Short and long term interaction between land use change and soil erosion in a loess landscape south of Pinczów, Poland PDF
Ronny Schmidt, Katarzyna Ostaszewska, Jürgen Heinrich
Landscape continuity versus landscape transformation: a case study in the Wiar River catchment, Polish Carpathians (1780 - 2000) PDF
Andrzej Affek
Spatial and temporal environmental changes of urban forested park – The Royal Łazienki Park in Warsaw example PDF
Ewa Malinowska, Iwona Szumacher
Long term changes in plant species composition in urban parks on the example of Łazienki Królewskie Park in Warsaw PDF
Piotr Sikorski, Daria Sikorska, Marta Studzińska
The fourth dimension in landscape analysis: changing of heritage and ecological values in the Évora cultural landscapes PDF
Teresa Batista, José Manuel de Mascarenhas, Paula Mendes
Time scales and time phenomena in landscape research: examples from the field of tourism geography PDF
Sylwia Kulczyk
Townscape character changes and visual analysis as determinants for shaping the spatial structure of the city – Kielce case study PDF
Joanna Dudek-KLimiuk, Renata Giedych
Remote sensing and GIS in Landscape Character Assessment PDF
Sándor Jombach, Ágnes Sallay
Historical agricultural landscapes within the forest zone of the East European Plain PDF
Olga Trapeznikova
Changing landscape values in Hungary PDF
Ágnes Sallay, Sándor Jombach
Landscape character assessment methodology applied for specific landscape types in Hungary PDF
Zsombor Boromisza, Péter Csima, Brigitta Dublinszki-Boda, Ildikó Módosné Bugyi
Monitoring indicators as an important tool to assess the quality of heritage landscape along the time PDF
Sofia Capelo, José Manuel de Mascarenhas, Filipe Themudo Barata
Possibilities of economic valuation of the planned land use changes in terms of the natural environment PDF
Lidia Poniży
Anthropogenic and natural factors affecting spatial development of seaside city of Świnoujście PDF
Michał Kupiec, Paweł Pieńkowski
Classification and evaluation of town Nitra´s contact area PDF
Regina Mišovičová
The landscape quality of the residential area courtyards in Latvia PDF
Una Īle
Assessment of interactions between quality of urban landscape and human health, the case study in a Central European city PDF
J.P. Oudinet, J. Meline, K. Obtulowicz, S. Wicherek, K. Piotrowicz, B. Julien-Laferriere
Vegetation landscapes of a small-scale river valley in the light of the GIS analysis PDF
Bożenna Czarnecka, Łukasz Chabudziński
Harvesting as a factor in the recent forest spatial structure change in Latvia PDF
Zigmars Rendenieks
Heavy metals in the subalpine soils of Połonina Pożyżewska (Czarnohora - the Eastern Carpathians) PDF
Adolf Szponar, Pavlo Shuber, Jerzy Raczyk
How climate change influences landscape change PDF
Stanisław Krysiak, Anna Majchrowska
Four dimensions of the Spitsbergen landscape PDF
Wiesław Ziaja


Expansive, recessive and ephemeral geocomplexes as components in rational management of natural environment PDF
Krystyna German
LandCell – a tool for landscape change analysis PDF
Tomasz Giętkowski, Maria Zachwatowicz, Borys Jurgiel
2D and 3D landscape metrics in high mountains – a case study from the Polish Tatra Mountains PDF
Jan Niedźwiedzki, Natalia Kolecka
Selected aspects of anthropogenic landscape changes in the area of Upper Warta Depression – mine waste dumps and post-mining water reservoirs PDF
Tomasz Parusel
Changes in soils used for agriculture and wastelands in the Gałęzowo-Niepoględzie Catena (in Bytów region – NW Poland) PDF
Barbara Braun
Landscape changes of the former Łopienka village in the Bieszczady Mountains PDF
Adam Snopek
The stability of ecological corridors as illustrated by examples from Poland PDF
Alina Gerlée
Habitat mapping of Natura 2000 sites in Szentendre Island in the Central Region of Hungary – experiences of the remapping PDF
Attila Gergely
Spatial analysis of road conflicts with NATURA 2000 areas in Poland PDF
Andrzej Łysko, Robert Cyglicki, Elżbieta Dusza, Michał Kupiec
Landscape character assessment in rural landscapes PDF
Péter Csima, Brigitta Dublinszki-Boda
Natural conditions of the sustainable agriculture development in the eastern part of the Łowicko-Błońska Plain PDF
Justyna Brzozowska, Barbara Braun
Refuge in the Heart of the city? Urban ecological changes on the south slope of Sas Hill (Budapest) PDF
Zsuzsanna Illyés
Glades overgrowing and lowering of the forest-field boundary as two examples of long term changes in landscape PDF
Agnieszka Nowak, Natalia Tokarczyk
Models of reforestation processes PDF
Agnieszka Nowak, Natalia Tokarczyk
Configurations of morphological sequence in upper part of Kościeliska Valley in Western Tatra Mountains PDF
Justyna Kmiecik-Wróbel

ISSN: 1899-3850