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Present state of remote sensing applications to land classification and land evaluation. future prospects PDF
Theodore Astaras
Relationships between development of plant communities and habitats in the landscapes of river valley PDF
Piotr Banaszuk, Agnieszka Wysocka, Beata Matowicka
The assessment of landscape and vegetation changes: the case study – Upper Lusatian heath and pond landscape PDF
Olaf Bastian
Comparative landscape structure studies for land use planning: Przedborski Landscape Park case study PDF
Agata Cieszewska
Dynamics of industrial-induced landscape modifications in Motche-tundra and geochemistry of area polluted by Monchegorsk1 nickel factory in 1970 -1990 PDF
Alevtina V. Doncheva
Kiril N. Dyakonov, Juryi G. Puzachenko, A.V. Khoroshev, T. A. Abramova
The analysis of contemporary land transformations in the „Słupia Valley” landscape park: its application for environmental management PDF
Agnieszka Flis
Ecological and geochemical assessment of landscape-functional complexes in the city of Chernivtsi PDF
Vasyli N. Gutsuliak
Landscape analysis in spatial planning PDF
Stefanka Hadzi Pecova
Potential environmental segregation of Szeged agglomeration: based on heavy metal measurements PDF
Zoltán Jóri, Tímea Kiss
An analysis of land use within the limits of landscape units. A case study of the north-western part of the Gefara plain in Libya PDF
Yousef S. Kajalik
Ecodiversity changes in the Hula Valley, Israel during this century PDF
Didi Kaplan, Avri Kadmon
The application of GIS technologies in environmental management and sustainable PDF
Mariusz Kistowski
Origin of intralandscape spatial heterogeneity at the local level PDF
Alexandre V. Khoroshev
Historical development of Czech rural landscape: implications for present landscape planning PDF
Zdeněk Lipský
Dynamic processes in the secondary communities PDF
Grażyna Łaska
Landscape ecology: the need for a discipline? PDF
Michael R. Moss
Landscape structure of the Kielce and Chęciny Landscape Park PDF
Ewa Nowak
Landscape structure: identification and assessment PDF
Ján Oťaheľ, Ján Feranec
Aesthetic and cultural cspects of cartography of Chinese and European candscapes PDF
Fivos Papadimitriou
Organising programs and methods for creatively teaching landscape ecology in E.U. Mediterranean countries PDF
Fivos Papadimitriou
Landscape changes of immediate surrounding of the cities PDF
Pene Penev
Use of quantitative estimation for the creation of landscape map PDF
Michael U. Puzachenko
Relationship between land use changes, soil degradation and landscape functions PDF
Matthias Röder, Ralf-Uwe Syrbe
Soil mites (acari) of the ecotone between the scots pine forest and meadow in the forest landscape in Tuchola forest, Poland PDF
S. Seniczak, A. Klimek, S. Kaczmarek
Landscape types and geoecology dynamics of a Mediterranean mountain. The Southern Alps case study PDF
Laurent Simon, P. Pech, M. Tabeaud
„Small habitats” and their input to flora and vegetation diversity on the landscape level PDF
Jerzy Solon
Uncontrolled development of the city versus defence of its slope PDF
Michał Stalski
Changes of natural hydrogenic landscapes of Gródek-Michałowo Basin PDF
Mirosław Stepaniuk, Romuald Ziółkowski
The diagnosis of the natural environment and describing the economical utilisation ways of the cleading area in model formulation on example of the Świętokrzyski National Park PDF
Małgorzata Strzyż
A hierarchical approach for mesoscale assessment of landscape functions: modeling – parameters – integration in environmental planning PDF
Martin Volk
The importance of landscape in the spatial planning process in the Republic of Macedonia PDF
Mihailo Zikov
Formation and development of landscape science and ecology of landscape in Russia PDF
N. I. Volkova, Vera K. Zuchkova, V. A. Nikolaev
Protection of rural cultural landscapes: A challenge to sustainable landscape development PDF
Walter Zsilnicsar
Use of quantitative estimation for the creation of landscape map
Michael U. Puzachenko

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