Atrakcyjność krajobrazu górskiego – stała czy przygodna? Mountain landscape attractiveness – permanent or adventitious?

Jarosław Balon


The substantial attractive value of a mountain landscape is considered a given in today’s world. This view is held by an array of different observers. This brings up the question: Just how objective and how subjective is the commonly held view that mountain landscapes are attractive? In order to answer this question, it is necessary to define a number of basic characteristics that make something objectively attractive. The paper is an attempt at the identification of such characteristics for mountain landscapes. Research has shown that, for tourists, mountains mean the following things: diversity (original landscapes), pleasure (pleasing landscapes), entertainment (interesting landscapes), and surprise (unexpected landscapes). Unique characteristics were identified for each of the four aspects of landscape (Tab. 1). The process of identification revealed that some of these characteristics are permanent, some are seasonal, and some are episodic (Fig. 1). As all of the characteristics determine the degree of attractiveness of a landscape, it may be presumed that the attractiveness of a landscape changes over time. Finally, the attractiveness of a landscape also depends quite a lot on the observer – and mainly his or her perception of the characteristics of a landscape.

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krajobraz górski, atrakcyjność, atrybuty,mountain landscape, attractiveness, characteristics

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