Atrakcyjność polskich parków narodowych w oczach mieszkańców Poznania Attractiveness of the polish national parks among the citizens of the city of Poznan

Olga Adach, Jolanta Adach


Touristic attractiveness is a combination of features and touristic funds of a specific area that attract tourists. The attractiveness of a particular space or region is a combination of its natural conditions, social and culture conditions, and the viewers’ individual perception and evaluation of the space or region. Each of the polish national parks has a different level of touristic attractiveness not only due to different kinds of protected landscape, but also to a level of development of tourist infrastructure. The purpose of this research was to evaluate their attractiveness among young citizens of the city of Poznan. A survey based on an anonymous questionnaire with half-open and closes questions has been applied. On the basis of the completed data, certain conclusions were made. A correlation between the parks considered as the most attractive and most visited was noticed, as well as between the level of attractiveness and the type of protected landscape. Features that had the greatest influence on the attractiveness of each park were the number of sightseeing tourist paths and the outstandingness of areas under protection. Young citizens of Poznan consider Tatrzanski National Park as the most attractive among all of polish parks

Słowa kluczowe

park narodowy, atrakcyjność turystyczna, obszary chronione, poznaniacy,national park, touristic attractiveness, protected areas, Poznan citizens

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