Rozwój energetyki wiatrowej w aspekcie planistycznym i krajobrazowym na przykładach gmin Puck i Gniewino oraz miasta Gdynia

Gabriela Fiutowska, Łukasz Dąbrowski


The wind energy development in the light of planningand landscape terms on examples of Puck and Gniewino communities and the city of Gdynia

The good wind conditions for wind energy production characterize Pomeranian Region against otherPolish regions. Using very good environmental conditions one of the most popular renewable energy sources is awind. In regional strategies we could read recommendations to using wind turbines as a main renewable resourcesso nowadays in Pomerania region we see the huge numbers of wind turbines with the capacity of 320 MW and thiscapacity is grow up with every year. The following examples of wind turbines in the communities of Puck, Gniewinoand city of Gdynia are exposed in the landscape. Their impact on the landscape is the subject of analysis in theforecasts of the environmental impact of local development plans and in the reports of the environmental impactof these investments. Landscape rarely is a major element of the evaluation. The main elements on the evaluationare the impacts on birds and acoustic climate of the analyzed area. In addition, assessment of the impact of windturbines on the landscape is often a subjective experience of the recipient as pointed out by the authors of theseassessments.

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elektrownie wiatrowe, krajobraz, planowanie przestrzenne, wind turbines, landscape, spatial planning

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