Prognoza presji projektowanych siłowni wiatrowych na fizjonomię krajobrazu Wyżyny Lubelskiej

Barbara Sowińska-Świerkosz, Tadeusz J. Chmielewski


Prognosis of the planned wind turbines impacton the Lublin Upland landscape physiognomy

The aim of the paper was to present the method of prognosis planned wind turbines impacts onlandscape physiognomy and the results of its application for Gorzków municipality (Lublin Upland). In this area 33wind turbines of 120 m height are planned to be built. The groups of wind turbines’ physiognomy impacts (expressin numerical index) was calculated for 4 key public spaces. The physiognomy impact index (P) was calculatedtaking into account the square root of the distance from each wind turbine to a given public space (O) and theheight of each turbine (without wings) that will be visible from the site (W). For each viewpoints the physiognomypressure index was summarized. Result of the analysis indicated that groups of turbines will be seen from theterritory of all the municipality. Thus, the landscape of the area will change significantly. The largest pressure index(29,27) will possess viewpoint located in Chorupnik.

Słowa kluczowe

prognozowanie zmian krajobrazu, siłownie wiatrowe, wskaźnik presji widokowej, prognosis of landscape changes, wind turbines, physiognomy impact index

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