Anthropogenic and natural factors affecting spatial development of seaside city of Świnoujście

Michał Kupiec, Paweł Pieńkowski


The dynamic spatial development the town of Świnoujście, associated with the spa function took place intensively in the 19th and 20th centuries. At the same time a sea port developed and spatial expansion of seaside town were closely linked to environmental conditions of the Uznam island. The town has continually been growing, increasingly encroaching on surrounding valuable natural areas, despite of difficult environmental conditions of its development. The paper examines the spatial development of the fishing village of Świnoujście to a widely-known resort. The spatial development of the town is inextricably linked with natural and geographical conditions of its location (changes in the coastline, land cover, hydrologic conditions) and anthropogenic influences (hydro-technical works, expansion of the port and military functions, industry development). The study used archival maps and plans of the city dated from the seventeenth century to present times.

Słowa kluczowe

city development, coastal areas, Świnoujście, coastline changes

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