Wpływ przedsięwzięć elektroenergetycznych na wybrane elementy środowiska przyrodniczego i krajobraz gminy Pelplin

Grażyna Wiklent, Mariusz Kistowski


The chosen environmental and landscape impacts of electric power enterprises in Pelplin community

The paper presents the study results on environmental and landscape impacts of electric powerenterprises in Pelplin community. The choice of Pelplin community resulted from dynamic development andperspectives of these investments on this area. They consist of existed (48 MW) and built (max. 78 MW) windfarms, planned coal power plant (about 2000 MW) and power station with high and low voltage power-lines(400/110 kV). The natural environment of Pelplin community distinguished by high values, especially very goodsoils for agriculture and one of the highest harmonious cultural landscape values in Pomeranian region. Thestudy based on enterprises projects documentations, documents on environmental impacts assessment and ownfield study. The impacts on geological structures, relief, soils, surface and underground waters, local climate, airquality, acoustic climate, plants and wild animals as well as landscape changes range were estimated. Analiticand cumulative effects assessment showed, that the strongest predicted impacts would be generated by coalpower plant – significantly stronger than by both wind farms. The impacts of power station and power-lines willbe relatively lower. The highest threats result from damages of high landscape values physiognomy (half of thecommunity area and external territories) and acoustic climate deterioration. About a quarter of community area isexposed to exceeding of permissible noise limits. The impacts on biotic environmental elements will be probablyserious, too. The general positive effects of study investments consist of air pollution reduction by wind farmsenergy productions. The negative effects for natural environment and landscape of Pelplin community will bemore destructive than for spatial management or social and economic features. The problem is assessment ofoffset possibility of environmental and landscape deterioration by positive effects of investments, particularly theirconsequences for community residents quality of life.

Słowa kluczowe

ocena oddziaływania na środowisko, degradacja krajobrazu, przedsięwzięcia elektroenergetyczne, gmina Pelplin, environmental impact assessment, landscape degradation, electric power enterprises, Pelplin community

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