Ostoje Natura 2000 w województwie opolskim na tle regionalnego systemu obszarów chronionych

Krzysztof Badora


Natura 2000 sites in Opole Voivodeship on a background of the nature conservation system

Project of Natura 2000 ecological network of Opole voivodeship consists of 5 Special Protection Areas (SPAs) and 8 Special Areas of Conservation (SACs). The total surface of proposed sites is ca 126000 ha (13,5% of Opole voivodeship). Majority of SACs are situated in lowlands. Only The Saint Anna Hill SAC is situated in The Silesia Upland, and The Opawskie Mountains SAC is situated in The Sudety Mountains. The highest diversity of natural habitats listed in annex II of The Habitat Directive is in The Mała Panew Valley SAC (17 habitats) and The Stobrawa Valley SAC (15 habitats). In all SACs occur 35 types of habitats from this annex. The largest surface covers take forest habitats. In all SACs 19 wild fauna species and 3 wild flora species form II annex of The Habitat Directive occur. Three of five SPAs are situated in dammed reservoirs (The Otmuchów Lake, The Nysa Lake, The Turawa Lake). Next two SPAs are located in river valleys (The Odra Valley, The Stobrawa Valley). In all SPAs 24 qualification birds species and birds associations occur. Nature conservation system of Opole voivodeship consists of 34 nature reserves, 4 landscape parks and 7 landscape protection areas. Seventeen nature reserves are situated in 4 SACs. Four SACs and all SPAs haven’t got reserves. Only 4 SACs and 2 SPAs are protected in 3 landscape parks. Natural values of 3 SPAs and 4 SACs are protected in landscape protection areas, but conservation in these form of nature protection is not sufficient and effective. Spatial analysis of distribution of the nature conservation system of Opole voivodeship and distribution of the SACs and the SPAs indicate the need to:

1) verifying the nature reserves network,

2) enlargement of The Stobrawa Landscape Park and The Saint Anna Hill Landscape Park,

3) establishement of The Mała Panew Valley Landscape Park,

4) introduction of effective conservation of ecological corridors (communication between SACs and SPAs).

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