Krzysztof Badora, Arkadiusz Nowak


Landscape spatial structure of Odra valley ecological corridor in the west side of the Opole region

Restoration of ecological corridors is one of the most important goals of the present conservation efforts. Two methodological concepts are implemented in delimitation of corridors: migratory (functional) and stabilising (structural). Accordingly to migratory concept, the ecological corridor is a linear, distinguished from outside areas structure, with higher biodiversity ratio in comparison to the surroundings. The main goal of the paper was to assess the landscape biodiversity of the Odra valley through the measurement of several indicators of spatial structure. The analyses were conducted using the following formula:

Bk = Pn + Ln – (Pz + Lz-n),

Where: Bk – landscape biodiversity indicator, Pn – surface of natural ecosystems, Ln – border line length between natural ecosystems, Pz – surface of degraded ecosystems, Lz-n – border line length between natural and degraded ecosystems. The starting data for evaluation were standardised. In result of the investigation several conclusions were assumed:

- the spatial extent of the Odra valley ecological corridor is much smaller that it was depict in earlier elaboration,

- the highest landscape biodiversity occurs on flooding terraces of the valley,

- the terrain between water embankments has the crucial role in maintaining the natural ecological processes,

- the ecological corridor of the Odra valley has relict character,

- the most frequent types of habitats within researched corridor are meadows and pastures Molinio-Arrhenatheretea, then forests Fagetalia sylvaticae. The rarest are rushes Phragmitetea,

- the highest landscape biodiversity occurs at 15 km of the researched area between Nysa Kłodzka outlet and Brzeg,

- for landscape biodiversity the most significant are the areas around the mouths of the Stobrawa and Nysa Kłodzka rivers,

- the most important threats for the functionality of the corridor are the urbanised areas in the city of Brzeg and also Popielów-Stare Siołkowice and Kościerzyce – Pisarzowice – Szydłowice villages,

- the increase consciousness of the significant role of ecological corridors in the network of protected areas requires further researches on formalised methods of delimitation and valorisations of ecological corridors.

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