Stan środowiska przyrodniczego a klasyfikacje krajobrazu

Krzysztof Badora


The condition of natural environment and landscape classifications

The state of the natural environment in definite area is a consequence of interaction of natural and anthropogenic forces. On a base of analysis of different landscapes classifications the conclusion was made, that all of them are subjective and dedicated mostly for practical use. Classification of landscapes originality, naturality, cultural values and level of degradation remains unsatisfactory. Characteristic attributes of analysed landscapes classifications are their irregularity and ambiguity. Different criteria are taken into consideration to formulate landscape classification system. The most of classifications include diversity of landscapes structure, functions and character of species migrations. Classification system basing on an evaluation of natural environmental stability, resistance, inertia and elasticity also exist. By evaluating and classyfying of landscapes the important problem is to distinct two types of environmental transformation: its degradation and devastation. Classification’s synonymity and possibility to repeat once implemented criteria in another study is also of high importance.

Słowa kluczowe

klasyfikacja krajobrazu, stan środowiska przyrodniczego, landscape classification, environment condition

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