Analiza obiektowa jako narzędzie ekologa krajobraz – potencjał i ograniczenia

Joanna Adamczyk


Object based analysis as a tool for landscape ecologist – potential and limitations

The article presents Object Based Image Analysis as a new method of image classification and also as a new paradigm for environmental analysis based on integrated remote sensing and GIS methods. It’s popularity is growing fast, especially through availability of commercial software, high efficiency of image processing and ostensibly easy interpretation of results. The author’s purpose was to present the remarkable potential of OBIA as a tool for landscape ecologist. The other important goal of the paper is to highlight limitations of the method and discuss important methodological questions. The discussion brings to recommendations on the proper way of use OBIA and also to conclusions regarding further development of the method.

Słowa kluczowe

analiza obiektowa, ekologia krajobrazu, object based analysis, landscape ecology

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