Adaptacja kamieniołomów wapieni dla potrzeb turystyki na przykładzie Malty i Egiptu

Janusz Skoczylas


The touristic adaptation of the limestone quarry in Malta and Egypt

The article shows the touristic and educational aspects of the Limestone Heritage Complex in Siggiewi (Republic of Malta). The Limestone Heritage Centre is a family run museum which has adapted for its need an old limestone quarry. It presents the history and tradition of the Maltese masonry, the crafts and tools used in the process of exploration, excavation and utilization of the stone raw materials. Also the methods that were popular in stone mining and quarrying in the twentieth century are shown, as well as the methods of afforestation of old quarries. The paper also presents an outline of exploitation of Quaternary limestone from 1980 to 2003 in relation to the geological structure of the south coast of the Mediterranean Sea between Alexandria and Marina el Alamain, where the abandoned open casts are often filled up with limestone waste and litter from the summer resorts built nearby. Sometimes they are used also as building grounds. Building golf courses and afforesting is a novelty in this area.

Słowa kluczowe

geology; touristic attractions; limestone heritage; mining; geologia; atrakcje turystyczne; dziedzictwo kamieniarskie; kopalnictwo

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