Application of the patch – matrix – corridor model in restructuring of the regional system of nature conservation in Opole voivodeship

Krzysztof Badora


Zastosowanie modelu patch – matrix – corridor do przebudowy regionalnego systemu ochrony przyrody województwa opolskiego

Among models used in ecological studies of landscape, the model used most often for delimitation of spatial systems of nature protection is the patch – matrix – corridor model, described e.g. by Formann and Godron [1986] and Forman [1995]. In Poland the model was adopted with modifications e.g. by Chmielewski [1990,1992] and Kozłowski [1992]. It is used to determine systems of nature protection at different spatial scales, from the national to local level. It is used in analyses of structure and functioning of landscapes of protected areas, in particular – of national and landscape parks. The most important modification of the patch–matrix–corridor model, proposed by Chmielewski [1990, 1992] was identification of ecological junctions being centres of biodiversity. The effect of adaptation of the model in research and implementation of nature protection in Poland were e.g. the concept of Econet-Pl [Liro ed., 1995, 1998], delimitation of ecological systems of nature protection in many voivodeships, and a number of management plans of landscape and national parks. Common use of the model in nature protection and spatial development indicates its great importance in systematic nature conservation in Poland.

Słowa kluczowe

ochrona przyrody, model płatów, matrycy i korytarzy, system obszarów chronionych, nature conservation, patch – matrix – corridor model, protected areas system

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