Analiza wizualnych form krajobrazu kulturowego z wykorzystaniem formalizacji

Agnieszka Kępkowicz


Visual lanscapes forms analysis with taking adventage of formalisation

Landscape is a space containing many aspects: natural, economical, cultural, social and esthetic. Any interfering with this scheme should be a deliberate action. Should there appear a necessity to combine planned green areas with landscape, it is vital to analyze it’s unique visual phenomenon. Thus why presented landscape frame method has been created. It is based on pictures, chosen to appease the following criterion: picturesque. The research covers all recorded elements (which are treated equally) and their mutual visual relations. The pictures have been subjects to formal analysis, presenting conclusions in tables, models and patterns. Landscape frame method can be useful when designing new picturesque forms have to blend into landscape. This method can be a part of wholesome study of landscape spatial codes.

Słowa kluczowe

Krajobraz, wartości estetyczne, malowniczość, Landscape, aesthetic value, picturesque

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