Atrakcyjność krajobrazowa poszczególnych części głównego szlaku beskidzkiego im. Kazimierza Sosnowskiego w ocenie własnej i turystów.

Jolanta Majcher-Łoś, Mirosław Kasperczyk, Piotr Kacorzyk


The investigations were conducted in 2008 on 13 chosen grasslands (among them pastures, harvestable meadows and non-utilized meadows) located along the Main Beskid Trail. Their floristic composition, tint, general aspect and landscape value were evaluated during observations. To evaluate intensity of traffic on tourist trail were counted number of people running across the Trail. Comparing ranks received for meadows tint with the number of people on particular stretch of tourist trail can be drawn conclusion that they are disconnected with each other. Meadows situated above forest boarder (>800 m a.s.l.) with view limited only by the horizon received very good mark and where also positively correlated with the number of tourists. On the most crowded parts of The Main Beskidy Trail – Beskid Śląski, Gorce and Bieszczady – mainly organized groups of tourists with sparse individual tourists were meeting. The main reason of that are pensions and agri-touristic farms existing on those areas which could accommodate organized, big groups of tourists.

Słowa kluczowe

Główny Szlak Beskidzki, użytki zielone, walory krajobrazowe, Main Beskidy Trail, grassland, landscape values

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