Analiza sposobów upiększania krajobrazu rolniczego w 1 połowie XIX wieku na przykładzie majątku Brzeziny.

Bożena Łukasik, Agnieszka Targońska


Brzeziny is a small village located in the zachodniopomorskie province. In 1825 P. J. Lenné-a well-known landscape architect prepared a design of decorating fields for the Brzeziny estate owner. The aim of this study is to identify characteristic design solutions and elements implemented by the planner in his landscape formation. The perfored analysis of the composition and spatial structure of the estate has revealed a mosaic distribution of individual crops and their irregular, rounded outline which create a picturesque effect. The analysis of the spatial structure leads to the conclusion that P. J. Lenné designated the biggest areas for meadows and lawns, whilst the smaller ones for the open fields. The fruit crops were not so important as the tree plantings of various types (coherent, openwork, in column habit of the tree…). Their irregular distribution is very characteristic

Słowa kluczowe

Peter Joseph Lenné, krajobraz, zdobienie pól, Brzeziny, ozdobna farma, Peter Joseph Lenné, landscape, decorating fields, Brzeziny, ferme ornée

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