Agroturystyka jako kierunek rozwoju gminy Gdów w opinii jej mieszkańców. Agritourism as a direction of development of the municipality Gdów in the opinion of its inhabitants.

Anna Krysa(Partyka), Maciej Basaj


At present a certain chance of rural areas development are multifunctional development and non-agricultural activities. Therefore the purpose of this study was the evaluation of multifunctional development of rural areas and agriculture conception at the example of the Municipality of Gdów. In the empirical part of the article the results of researches were presented. The researches were carried out among 50 farmers in the region. They were carried out by means of questionnaire. The aim of these researches was the identification of farmers’ attitude against the future of their farms. Some of them provided agritourism farms treated as non-agricultural activity.

Słowa kluczowe

wielofunkcyjny rozwój, rekreacja, agroturystyka, multifunctional development, recreation, agritourism

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