O potrzebie i możliwościach przebudowy Krajowego Systemu Ochrony Krajobrazu

Krzysztof Badora


About need and possibilities of reconstruction of the National Landscape Conservation System

The paper aims at pointing out needs and possibilities of reconstruction of the landscape protection system. The analysis is based on the scientific achievements of Polish Association for Landscape Ecology. It could be observed that there is less interest in landscape conservation issues in last years, and also the synthesis of landscape conservation researches are not common. The main threat to development of landscape conservation in Poland is weak cooperation between different branches of science. As a main conclusion author suggest reconstruction of the landscape conservation system. It should include changes in the spatial landscape conservation system, landscape planning and management as well as in the legislation concerning the landscape conservation system. However, lack of landscape inventory and evaluation of country landscapes resources as well as insufficient spatial connection of landscape protection areas countrywide might create a problem. Optimization of law and administration system in landscape conservation should include: unification of terminology, implementation of the European Landscape Convention and introduction the new types of protected areas (e.g. ecological corridors).

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krajobraz, system ochrony krajobrazu, landscape, landscape conservation system

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