Aktualne i nieaktualne problemy ekologii krajobrazu

Maciej Pietrzak


Current and out-of-date problems of landscape ecology

The paper presents so-called (by the author) current and out-of-date theoretical and methodological problems of contemporary Polish landscape ecology. The first group includes: the question of detection of landscape boundaries, investigation of underwater landscapes, landscape as a basis of nature differentiation and the essence of material-energetic flows across the landscape. In the second group we find: “objective” existence of geocomplexes (landscape units), handling landscape in a physiognomic sense, “organism-centered” conception of the landscape and conception of the landscape structure.

Słowa kluczowe

ekologia krajobrazu, struktura krajobrazu, granice krajobrazowe, informacyjne potoki materialnoenergetyczne, jednostki krajobrazowe, landscape ecology, landscape structure, landscape boundaries, informational material-energetic flows, landscape units

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