„Święte źródła” prawosławia w krajobrazie wschodniego pogranicza Polski

Paweł Pytka


Orthodox’s holy springs in landscape of Eastern Borderland of Poland. Polish Eastern Borderland is characterized by an extraordinary diversity of landscape, both in terms of natural and cultural. His area has been and continues to be a belt of contact and penetration of cultures and religions of East and West. Among of landscape beautiful and valuable features of the landscape of this area are springs become miraculous, holy places. They are associated with the apparitions of Our Lady of unusual or other religious events. The faithful pilgrim asking for grace healing healing of diseases and protection from evil through water from holy spring. A lot of peculiarity have Orthodox holy springs. Ceremonies, chapels or orthodox churches were built in the neighborhood of springs and they are important places for religion and have big value of history. Additionally, in this places run religious and folklore local-community meetings, regardless of confession. This paper is a collection of information about 14 Orthodox’s holy springs on the eastern frontier of Poland and presents administrative location, history, elements of liturgy and folk piety.

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święte źródło, Kościół Prawosławny, krajobraz, wschodnie pogranicze Polski, holy spring, Orthodox Church, landscape, eastern borderland of Poland

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