Propozycja wykorzystania oceny hydromorfologicznej w badaniach krajobrazowych regionu pogranicza Nysy Łużyckiej

Mariusz Adynkiewicz-Piragas, Iwona Lejcuś


The concept of applying hydromorphological assessment in the research on landscape of the Nysa Łuzycka boundary region Hydromorphological assessment of a river-bed according to WFD (appendix 5) includes the following parameters: hydrological regime, river continuity and morphological features. These parameters refer to both river-bed and riparian and river-side zones. A information on the anthropogenic modifications gathered throughout the valorization process can be used to evaluate the changes in the landscape of the river valleys. A special emphasis was put on the barriers disturbing a river flow and river valley continuity as well as to different forms of landuse in the riparian and river-side zones. The article presents a concept of applying the elements of hydromprphological assessment to evaluate the anthropogenic modification in a river valley for the selected tributaries of Nysa Luzycka.

Słowa kluczowe

rzeka, stan hydromorfologiczny, krajobraz, dolina rzeczna, river, hydromorphological state, landscape, valley

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