Analiza wskaźnikowa realizacji polityki ekologicznej województw przygranicznych w latach 2001-2006

Katarzyna Michałowska


The indicator analysis of environmental policy realization in the border voivodeship in the period 2001-2006 The issue of geographical research in recent decades has developed significantly. The impact of human activity on the environment has began to be noticed. The aim of this article is to analyze and evaluate the human impact on the environment. The main aim is therefore to define - is the human activities and the environmental protection in Poland followed by the relevant direction – designated by the objectives of the state environmental policy. The environmental policy is one of the essential ecological strategies, which is necessary for the proper design of operations related to the protection of the natural environment. This document sets out guidelines for action aimed at limiting the human activities, cooperation within the framework of the goal of maintaining a good level environment that will keep them (in the least affected condition) for future generations. The working methods are based primarily on an analysis of ecological indicators. It is significant that this is one of the fundamental methods of methods of evaluation of activities conducive to the protection of the environment.In addition, there is the possibility to monitor local government approach to this very important issue, through analysis of documents prepared by them, and as a result to compare the results of the calculation of indicators. The author relied on scientific research, involving analysis of the data contained in the environmental statistics and reports on the status of the individual provinces. As a result, of analysis of appropriate indicators used to evaluate the sustainable development and state of the natural environment, the author decided to choose a few indicators.

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polityka ekologiczna, wskaźnik środowiskowy, ochrona środowiska, environmental policy, ecological indicators, environmental conservation

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